Looking to complete a firearm transfer?

What you need to know about our FFL Transfer service.


Here is what you will need to complete the transfer including Class III/SOT items such as silencers, and short barrel rifles [SBRs].


We require that all incoming firearms include a copy of the sellers FFL License ~ We kinda need it for our records. We ask that All inbound firearms be shipped to us using either UPS/FedEx - Please make sure your seller requires an adult signature (21+ Years Old) which will ensure that your new firearm arrives safely, and is handled/secured with care. It is the seller’s responsibility to make sure that your item arrives safely- Any signs of poor packaging and/or damage that may have occurred during transit will be documented/photographed by our owner. We are not responsible for any damage that occurred prior to delivery/inspection. Please be sure to thoroughly inspect your new firearm before completing the transfer. It is also your responsibility to make sure you can legally own the firearm(s) before purchasing it. If in doubt please contact us to discuss your concerns. Most online retailers charge  a hefty restocking fee if your are unable to complete the process for one reason or another.


If you happen to purchase a firearm using one of the many auction-like platforms please ask the seller if they are a license dealer or a private party. If the seller is a private party they will need to contact us before shipping your firearm. Any items received from an unlicensed individual without prior approval will be rejected and returned to the seller at their own expense. We can be reached at (972) 372-4867 or via text message to (714) 726-0572 standard rates may apply. You may also email us at: Dylmararms@gmail.com 

The seller can download a copy of our FFL License here: http://www.dylmararms.com/images/575085010F06271.pdf They cannot ship your item unable they receive a copy of our license. In effort to prevent any delays we recommend that you forward a copy of our license to the seller along with your invoice or customer number.

Here is what you will need to complete the transfer:

1. A valid Texas Issued ID/Driver's License/LTC – License to Carry permit. No firearms will be released to anyone other than the person listed on      the invoice that is shipped with the firearm. That individual must be present and able to complete ATF Form 4473, and pass a FBI NICS Background check. 

Our Transfer Fee is $25.00 per firearm.
Our Class III/SOT Transfer Fee is $60.00 per item.

**We offer a $5.00 discount to anyone 62 years of age or older, all active or retired military personnel , law enforcement, and Fire/EMT. 


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